Mobile Vehicle Diagnostics in Essex

Dealer-Level Electronic Vehicle Diagnostics

As part of our remapping service we perform detailed diagnostic checks and overall vehicle health checks and are able to offer this as a standalone service.

We use professional diagnostic equipment for all of our diagnostic checks, and can check most on-board systems (Not just ECU codes) for most manufacturers.

Fixed-fee diagnostic reports

If you are within our catchment area we are able to offer a fixed-fee diagnostics service, we'll come to you at a time and date that is convienient for you.

Smoke Testing

If your engine is experiencing suspected vacuum or boost leaks, we can perform what is known as a "Smoke Test".

This test is performed by connecting a specialised generation machine to the intake system of your vehicle which fills hoses with a harmless vapour, the vapour causes no damage to sensitive engine parts but will show leaks in a very apparent fashion, enabling us to track down the culprit pipework or hoses - these can then simply be replaced, or in a lot of cases simply tightened up to fix the leak.

Automotive Services Catchment Area

Our automotive services are mobile only, starting in Rayleigh, Essex and the catchment area is displayed on the map above - if you are on the outskirts of any of the areas in the map we may still be able to help, please contact us.

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