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We've helped some of the largest public and private sector organisations on their digital journey.

At a high level, we think that the process to successful project completion can be fundamentally broken down into three categories in a specific order - Analysis, Design and then Build. We follow these principles throughout all of our work, continually iterating until project completion.

We choose to operate our projects using agile methodologies, usually SCRUM, or KANBAN - waterfall has never proven to lead to successful project deliveries in our experience.

In the case of digital transformation, this can be made more granular.

It starts by analysing your existing processes and systems

At the beginning we need to understand your existing processes and legacy systems, what their merits, sticking points and pitfalls are and we'll work with you to build a clear picture of your business processes and what we can do to streamline them.

We design the new architecture

Once we understand how your organisation operates and how it's functions perform, we'll set out to design a new application architecture and specific designs for how each component will function and interact with its sibling functions.

At this stage we will highlight which existing systems and/or processes can be brought into the new architecture, and what new functionality needs to be developed in order to streamline your operations.

We architect any new applications and changes to existing applications

Now having a deeper understanding of which applications need work, and applications that may need to be developed to bridge gaps in your existing systems, we work with your development team to set about designing architecture for any applicable applications, being careful to pay close attention to technology choices that are most suitable for your organisation.

We design the infrastructure

Now that we have a coherent overall architecture and designs for supporting applications - we can begin to design the supporting infrastructure, whether that be on-premise, cloud or a mixture of both.

Application and infrastructure development can begin

We work closely with your in-house development team(s) and IT/Ops teams to build your applications, development pipelines and infrastructure.

Consultancy through all stages of development

We continue to work closely with your in-house teams during all development and test phases to iron out any issues and make sure things are running smoothly, right up until project completion.

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